Epub3 Services in California

To keep your older ePub publications up to date and garner more viewers/readers, simultaneously providing them with rich browsing experiences, it is essential to convert the low quality source ePub files to the latest version of ePub3. The well formatted presentable ePub3 files are the prerequisite and standards for the advanced electronic publications of today that cannot be ignored by the publishers.

Epub3 Services in California

The erstwhile electronic publications can be conveniently converted to ePub3 by utilizing the services of an experienced outsourcing company. The conversion companies have the necessary resources to efficiently and quickly execute the tasks professionally, costing less to the advantages of the electronic publishers who want to remain ahead of the competition.

We are a leading outsourcing company in US having all the high end software, technologies and trained manpower to assist the electronic publishers to cost effectively convert their older ePub files to epub3 format. Over the years, our ePub3 conversion services have been subscribed by a large number of clients from the publishing sector, spread all over US and across countries.

We have successfully completed the delegated tasks of conversion in time and as per the requirements of the clients. Epub3 conversion by us have enabled our clients to offer complex multimedia electronic publications with audio, video and interactive features considered to be the latest essential elements for any modern electronic publications compatible with various smart devices.

The highly acclaimed epub3 services provided by our outsourcing company include revision of/for HTML5 audio and video tags, synchronization of the audio with the text, support for Scalable Vector Graphics (AVG), improvisation of metadata, support for all international languages, mathML aided display of mathematical formulas as contents, support for JavaScript, XHTML5 and CSS3, etcetera.

Clients requiring ePub3 services in California, other states of US and overseas clients can contact us to know more about our completed projects and the economical ePbu3 conversion services offered by us.

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