Epub Conversion in New York

Since the Epub format is an open and standard format it is suitable for easy interoperability of unencrypted digital books and publications across hardware and software. Compatible with Linux, MAC and Windows devices, Epub is the preferred route to production of e-books of various sizes, shapes and formats necessary for convenience. This solid formatting foundation supports popular devices like Sony Reader, eReader and Cool ER, excreta.

Epub Conversion in New York

We provide time bound, flexible and outstanding and quality Epub conversion and formatting services in a cost effective manner to our clients, having the high end software, technologies and trained and experienced manpower. Following the benchmarks and standards set by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), our expert Epub conversion services can effectively handle various media like Ms Word, Quark, InDesign, 3B2, RTF, HTML, XML, etcetera in a professional manner. We ensure consistently high quality and formatting features considered to be advanced for the conversion works.

Epub conversion results in re-flow of the digital publications and e-books which can be read on various devices and readily accepted by e-book distribution platforms like Google Books, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBook thereby improving the scope of generating more audiences.

As more and more writers, authors, researchers, universities, governments and publishers are finding it suitable to publish, distribute or market their works through the digital media, Epub conversion has gained track substantially for being suitable in several ways.

As an outsourcing agency engaged in Epub conversion for the last several years we are experienced enough to successfully see through the conversion tasks, simultaneously maintaining high standard required. We take up all type of Epub conversion works that are cost effective and complete in all respect.

Clients wanting to delegate the tasks of Epub conversion in New York or elsewhere in US can contact us to view our completed conversion projects and discuss about the services suitable for them.

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