Edupub services in New York, EDUPUB services

The education publications are meant for various age groups and categories of students, teachers and researchers pursuing or involved in formal and non-formal education processes. The knowledge based publications are required in huge numbers that go to the students, teachers, researchers and libraries of the educational and research institutions.

The educational publications, such as course books, reference books, scholarly journals, guide notes, etcetera are required to be typeset and designed in such a way, which complement the communities of students and teachers and scholars.

We provide the most suitable and comprehensive edupub services to the schools, colleges, universities, research institutions, and educational publishers and independent authors having ready manuscripts intended for the spread of educational knowledge.

We are a preferred typesetting service provider for the educational sector having a large number of clients and are known for our prompt and cost effective services. Our teams of experienced and creative typesetters, designers and editors are well versed in all aspects of educational publication and work with high-end software to deliver meticulously constructed pages complete in all respects and ready for publication.

Our specialized edupub services include but not limited to, set up of page size and margins, standardization of text for font size, type and layout, creation of heading for chapters, insertion of illustration and photographs, designing of tables of content and indexing and proofreading.

Researchers, authors of education manuscripts, colleges and universities, educational book and journal publication concerns or government departments dealing with publications meant for scholarly pursuits can avail our specialized edupub services in New York for typesetting and designing of the manuscripts in a professional manner. We complete the entrusted tasks in time and deliver the print ready files, complete in all respect.

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