Even though hardcopy or paperback still rules the roost and one cannot beat the feel of a printed book and flipping pages in real-time, this is irrevocably the era of Offshore Ebook Conversion Services, an understatement this nevertheless. And this is where skills in conversion and portability of text into a variety of formats come into play. A competent e-pub professional capability is to not only understand process text and audiovisual elements in a manner that is error-free he or she should also be well-versed in handling and incorporating text in multiple platforms so that the text as well as embedded multimedia elements are viewed with ease in a range of readers, such as Kindle, IPad, and Mobile.

Data Entry/Data conversion

  • High-volume data entry and OCR and ICR (99.5%–99.995% data accuracy rates)
  • Converting and exporting text/illustrations from source material such as hardcopy, microfilm, or digital files to render them readable in HTML5, XML, SGML, SQL-compliant database or to any content management system. In contrast to optical character recognition, what we use is intelligent character recognition, a tool that recognizes and incorporates the appropriate letter to ensure that the word extracted is indeed correct and do not come out as a bloomer/typo
  • Electronic file conversion and transfer of text between, and from, formats such as PDF, MS-Word, and Quark Xpress to HTML5, XML, SGML, EPUB, MOBI, or other client-specified formats
  • Online PDF and e-Books as well as print-on-demand files
  • Digital preservation of archival materials, brittle books, and oversized items
  • Conversion of text in all Roman languages (e.g., Latin, Danish, Gothic Letter forms) and also transliterate text in non-Roman languages (such as Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese)


The advent of Electronic Book has ushered in rapid technology development, resulting in new, advanced, and visually rich and pleasing audiovisual formats such as EPUB3. As a tech-savvy service provider, eBristo Services has all the wherewithal to cater to client requirements in this field; it is also worth mentioning that we are a member of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), the EPUB3 technical specifications working group, and the EDUPUB or Epublishing Conversion Services initiative for EPUB3, which facilitates effective adoption of e-textbooks and other digital learning materials in advanced formats via EPUB3. We have developed specific workflows and processes that enhance the quality of EPUB3-based products to achieve wider adoption and a strong user base.


We have proven expertise in converting content to virtually any industry standard or proprietary eBook format, be it fixed layout or in reflow or enhanced formats—from EPUB, MOBI, PRC, HTML5, and AZW to electronic readers such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhone, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Sony Reader. In addition, our technology team is involved in the real-time deployment of the latest technology developments, constantly refining our conversion tools and processes to optimize production cost and cut down process times, to ultimately pass on such benefits to the end-customer.