Copy Editing

One of the most vital processes in pre-press; copyediting breathes life into the manuscript. Usually a copyeditor (or language editor) doubles up as the pre-edit person as well. Since this process is your last defense against potential pitfalls the work is handled with extra caution well before the book goes to print. Which includes paying close attention to language aspects, be it grammar, proper phraseology, word usage; styling of references, missing citations, missing references; tables, figures, since all of these are areas might be loaded with errors or solecisms going unnoticed if a proper job is not done.

Our copyeditors are capable of handling manuscripts in a variety of subjects and have the required expertise to handle a range of subject areas, including humanities and STEM, the two major categories under which most manuscripts fall. Our copyeditors have sound working knowledge in multiple style manuals like APA, CMS, AMA, or other standard styles followed in the field of publishing, thus to accurately reformat manuscripts Inline with style specifications prescribed in manuals or those prescribed.

As what it is commonly known as “house style” guide provided by the client themselves.