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eBristo Services is a proficient pre-press back-end service provider for reputed publishers and service providers across the globe. Our team of technologist provides quality and cost-effective services that meet and exceed client expectations.
Electronic publishing is growing by the hour, as witnessed in the rapid technological advancement as well as the phenomenal increase in readership and exchange of information globally. Publication of journals and books in different academic fields has witnessed overwhelming growth, to say the least, and plenty of options for publishing in different platforms and formats have thus become necessary to suit the requirements of different types of readership and in particular instant access of information or study material online. Thus, the need to create attractive e-formats of books and journals has become critical and, needless to say, a major task given the time and effort required to develop new formats suitable for newer technologies and reading devices to cater to different types of audience.

We are committed making the eBook creation and typesetting process easy and affordable.

The substantial benefits our clients stand to gain include the following:

  • Free sample work
  • 100% manual conversion
  • Entire manuscript is proofread word to word
  • Output is thoroughly reviewed and fixed before it is delivered to the client
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free life time warranty for e-Books delivered
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Payments accepted only after the clients are fully satisfied with our work
  • Both formatting and uploading is taken care on behalf of the client